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Wilbar Services, LLC is a workforce education and training company. We specialize in programs that serve at-risk youth. Our past performance includes managing government contracts in a federally funded  career training program for 16-24 year old low-income youth. We also have experience in nonprofit administration. We will leverage the knowledge and experience we have developed over the years to help you with your goals. 



We are registered in the Federal Government's System for Award Management and can partner with you to manage government contracts or develop proposals in the following areas:

  • Education and Training 

  • Workforce Development

  • Personal and Career Counseling 

  • Recruitment and Job Placement 

  • Residential and Recreation Management 

  • Student Leadership Development 

  • Finance and Administration

  • Information Technology 

  • Records Management and Data Integrity

  • Student Behavior Management 

  • Safety, Security and Transportation Management  

  • Grant Writing and Fundraising 

  • Research, Marketing and Branding 

  • Product Sourcing, Shipping and Logistics